serveAt North Community Lutheran Church, there are a variety of teams and committees that meet to coordinate different opportunities to serve in the church and in our community. Please contact the church office so we can connect you with team leaders.

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Evangelism Committee

Meets the second Monday of each month at 5:30 pm. Evangelism makes NCLC known to the community through its ongoing programs and ministries. We show North Community as the body of Christ, serving the community in significant ways, thereby making new disciples.  Currently, this committee is working to coordinate a neighborhood dinner on the third Wednesday of every month, Trunk or Treat, and Voting Day Hospitality.

Christian Action Committee

Meets once a month on the second Monday at 6:30 pm. Our purpose is to relate to members of the congregation and to the needs of the world. Our signature program throughout the year is 1st Sundays Together. We also participate in various projects at Clintonville Resource Center (CRC), Jacob’s Porch, and the Helping Hands Health and Wellness Center. For many years we have participated in the CROP Walk and LSS Souper Bowl. Fair Trade Coffee and Chocolate is an ongoing project and we encourage recycling and going green at church and at home.

Education Committee

Meets monthly to coordinate Adult & Children's Sunday School, special learning events such as: "A Place at the Table," and hands on activities that help head & heart knowledge as we strive to be disciples of Christ.


Meets once every three months.  The committee of Elders is charged with the spiritual well-being of the congregation and ministering to members in cooperation with the Pastor. We visit those unable to attend church (the sick and elderly) and provide for their special needs. The elders may administer the sacrament of the Holy Communion, under the guidance and direction of the Pastor. In our visits we serve as listeners, answer questions, and share their concerns with the Pastor. We communicate the church’s ministries to these people.

Health and Wholeness Team

The purpose of this group is to promote the Health and Wholeness of the people we serve physically, mentally, and spiritually. We offer resources to encourage health promotion and illness prevention. Over the past several years there have been Blood Pressure Screenings consistently, Grief support groups offered on an as needed basis, a Health and Wholeness Pamphlet rack with brochures, and Sunday school classes for adults on various topics. This committee was spear-headed by two interested RNs and a covenant partnership with Ohio Health Community Outreach Church partnerships.


The mission of the library is to make available religion related resources for use by members of NCLC. These include Bible Study resources, theological resources, religious related fiction, children’s study materials, cassettes, DVD and other materials. All are available for borrowing. We welcome anyone interested in helping to maintain the existing resources and/or working with us as the need for additional resources determine.

Trust Fund

Meets quarterly. The resolution that established the Trust Fund contains these phrases: “…the primary purpose of the Trust Fund is to enhance the work of the church by effecting new ministries, stewardship opportunities, and capital improvements. And, to receive and administer bequests, estates, insurance, memorials, and other assess. And, to enable the further extension of the stewardship and mission of our church.” We welcome donations of securities or real and personal property. Please contact the Church Council President if you are interested in serving on the Trust Fund Committee.

Members Stewardship

Generally meets on a Tuesday evening around 7:00 pm, day and time varies according to need. All financial resource and budget matters are reviewed and proposed by either the Members Stewardship group and/or the Trust Fund Committee with recommendations made to the Church Council for final action. Responsibilities are described in the church’s Operations and Procedures Manual. Two specific goals are: 1) help God’s people value their many gifts and become wise stewards of them; 2) administer the monetary affairs of the congregation including developing and monitoring the annual budget, investments, audits and insurance matters.


We work with our chapter leadership to further Thrivent projects; matching funds are available for appropriate causes; funds to purchase paper products are sometimes available. Help is needed from anyone who has accounts with Thrivent to coordinate activities and fund-raising requests.


Meets the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm. We maintain the church building and grounds and plan for future needs and projects. We are always looking for members who enjoy maintenance and handy-man activities.

Schedule for the Spring of 2019

9:00 -- Worship in the Sanctuary

10:15 -- Sunday School

11:15 -- Worship in the Fellowship Hall